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Other advertising agencies focus on getting you clicks and visitors to your website.

We focus on getting you calls from new clients.

Pay-Per-Call Advertising.

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What is risk free Pay-Per-Call (PPCa) advertising program?

When you enroll in our Pay-Per-Call (PPCa) advertising program, we advertise your business online at zero cost to you. That’s right. We pay for all the advertising costs, not you.  As a result of our advertising, your business will receive phone calls from new potential customers in your area. You pay us a fixed fee for every call you receive from new potential clients. If the call isn’t from a potential client, you pay nothing. It’s that simple. There are no contracts and it’s risk free.

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A Very Happy PPCa Customer:

Dr. Caroline Patten, VMD, PhD of Liberty Vet Clinic

“Previously I was using the Pay-Per-Click advertising program for my business. I received a lot of clicks on my website and I was paying a lot of money for those clicks but a very few of those clicks resulted into an actual phone call to my business. A lot of clicks were wasted.  

Then I switched CroydonGate’s Pay-Per-Call program and it’s the best decision I made. Now, instead of paying per click on my website, I pay per call I receive from every new, potential client. As a result, my business is growing rapidly, I have had to hire more staff and I am very happy with CroydonGate’s service and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow their business.”

With other advertising agencies, you spend your money first  on advertising and then you hope you get calls from new potential customers. That’s risky with no guarantee on how many calls you will get (or if you will get any).

With us, we spend our money first on your advertising. You pay nothing upfront. You pay a fixed fee for every call you receive if the call is from new potential customer. You get the benefits of online advertising without spending any money upfront. We take over that risk from you.

To learn more about our company and to hear a message from our CEO, please watch the video.

Our Other Solutions!



Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry.

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Mobile Marketing.

Mobile is now the rule. Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, QR Codes and SMS Texting Plans allow you to instantly connect to all of your existing and prospective customers.

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Social Media Marketing.

Are you posting, liking, tweeting, or pinning? Social media marketing is an effective and fun way to interact with others, especially your current customers or patients.

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Web  Services.

Your website is the online face of your company. A well designed website promotes the brand of a company, and optimization affects the consumer traffic. Is your website working for you?

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Local Optimization.

 Don’t play hide-n-seek with your potential customers, Local online search directories are today’s Yellow Pages for businesses. We optimize your business listings.

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Reputation Management.

Today, consumers are looking online to see what others are saying about you. Your online reputation is extremely important to your success. Our Review Genie program provides an affordable approach to reputation management.

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Denise G.

 CroydonGate’s Online Marketing Strategy was right on the money. Our company has seen growth like never before due to the professional expertise of CroydonGate when it comes to Online Marketing.

Denise G.

Steve M.

Our website got more hits in the last 3 months than we got in the last 3 yrs. All due to CroydonGate’s Scientific approach to Online Marketing.  

Steve M.

Tracy B.

During last 4 months which traditionally are slow months for our business every year, we have done more business during those 4 months than we did during our peak time last year. Hiring CroydonGate was the best decision we ever made.

Tracy B.


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Our Incredible Marketing Services Catalog

Online Marketing
Our trained PPCa Managers have an intimate knowledge of the Google, Microsoft and Facebook search platforms and simply get results.  We’re a Google Certified Company!
Mobile Marketing
With the immense growth of smart phones in the marketplace, it is something you can’t ignore. Harness the power of Mobile Marketing; Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, SMS Text Messaging, QR Codes.
Social Media Marketing
Actively engage your current client base, and attract new ones on popular sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. From set-up to full management of your social media strategy, we can help.
Web Services
Your website is the online face of your company. Our affordable website design, redesign and SEO services get your website working for you; driving traffic to your business and away from the competition.
Local Search Optimization
Don’t play hide-n-seek with your potential customers! Our BeFound programs make sure your business is highly ranked and easily found online.
Reputation Management
You know how important online reviews are in today’s world. Review Genie™ helps local businesses grow by making it easy to capture client reviews, and from keeping negative reviews from being seen.
And So Much More!
With one of the most extensive catalog of small business marketing solutions, CroydonGate helps businesses find greater success.

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