As the old traditional search engine advertising model of pay per click continues to lag behind in productive sales call lead generation access provides today’s businesses a proven productive sales lead generation alternative. Founded on the best practices formula axis utilizes advanced technology. In search engine lead profiling. Access sift through the mass of lead collector created by the old pay per click model to both refine and define the accumulated data into a hole and lead profile exacted to the call lead generation objectives defined in a collaborative effort with our client access technology focuses only on the targeted consumer profile thereby reducing and/or completely illuminating any profile not to the exact likeness of the lead profile required to generate sales opportunities access through it’s proprietary technology isolate the data collected then create the integrated marketing/communication platform to establish the resultant call expectations.

The result? You pay nothing unless a lead call is generated.

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To prepare the lead generation critical control points of “know”. Before the tactics of a sound lead generation strategy are developed and implemented you must both identify and quantify the required strategic variables that will not only drive the strategy of lead generation but also fulfill the ultimate objective of growing the business in the direction you want. When developing the lead generation platform it is key to focus on the below 10 initial critical control points of lead to growth to establish a successful Go to market platform. Lead generation is not simple it is a complex set of sales marketing and communication disciplines combined with the go to market requirements all woven together that enables a business to convert a potential prospect into a buying customer.

The 10 Critical Points of Know

  • Know your business model and your sales model.
  • Know the markets you are in and want to be in to include market segments and geographic area.
  • Know your demographic model to include both the lifestyles and the work styles.
  • Know your sales dollar average per customer and their shopping/buying profile.
  • Know the cost of your current cost of consumer acquisition.
  • Know your competition better than you know your own company.
  • Know your cost of good and services (average is good) and this should reflect who you are wanting to attract.
  • Know how you will scale the business. What is your current capacity and your cost and timing to scale?
  • Know your growth culture. Is your company geared to grow or satisfied with status quo?
  • Know your financial model where will call lead generation budget come from?

For a complete analysis, download the PDF here.