What’s Conversion Rate Optimization?

(and more importantly, how can it help you grow our business?)

Fotolia_81363374_Subscription_Monthly_M_smallThe official definition of “optimization” is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to make better decisions. Under this framework, business goals are explicitly defined and then decisions are calibrated to optimize those goals. The methodologies have a long record of success in a wide variety of industries, such as airline scheduling,supply chain management, financial planning, military logistics and telecommunications routing. Goals should include maximization of conversions, revenues, profits, LTV or any combination thereof.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of increasing website leads and sales without spending money on attracting more visitors by reducing your visitor “bounce rate”. A conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who complete a goal, as set by the site owner. Some test methods, such as split testing or A/B testing, enable one to monitor which headlines, images and content help one convert more visitors into customers.

CroydonGate’s CRO team identifies pain points in the post-click user experience and corrects them. This is done through A/B Testing..A/B testing is  a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment in the controlled experiment [1]. It is a form of statistical hypothesis testing. In online settings, such as web design (especially user experience design), the goal is to identify changes to web pages that increase or maximize an outcome of interest (e.g., click-through rate for a banner advertisement). Formally the current web page is associated with the null hypothesis.

As the name implies, two versions (A and B) are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might affect a user’s behavior. Version A might be the currently used version (control), while Version B is modified in some respect (treatment). For instance, on an e-commerce website the purchase funnel is typically a good candidate for A/B testing, as even marginal improvements in drop-off rates can represent a significant gain in sales. Significant improvements can sometimes be seen through testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and colors.

A/B testing as a philosophy of web development brings the field into line with a broader movement toward evidence-based practice.

Our CRO team works with you to clearly identify your business’ primary goals and objectives and we then work through in-depth testing to achieve them. Steady and comprehensive A/B testing helps to identify robust means to improve upon current pages.


CroydonGate’s Online Presence Evaluation report evaluates the various aspects of your online presence including the Website, Social Media Engagement, Mobile Marketing, Local and Website SEO and Google Advertising ,and identifies the issues and bottlenecks in the process of converting a visitor into a customer. The report then recommends fixes as per the Industry best practices. The report acts as a blue print of the Digital Marketing plan for all the aspects of the Online Marketing. We also review and analyze your top competitors’ sites to ensure significant growth and performance within your business’ competitive space.


Is the website visitor more likely to become a customer if, say, content of the page was changed, or the menu options were rearranged for ease of navigation, or if more pictures were added etc. These and many more options can be used to optimize the Landing Pages thereby increasing the chances of conversion. With our automated testing platform as well as powerful Google Experiment features we are able to test the effectiveness of these changes resulting in a higher CRO.


It’s very important to know the path the visitor took in becoming a customer. The various keywords and search phrases used by the visitor in searching for your products and services, as well as any other searches conducted by the user that ultimately lead to him/her being a customer is extremely important in knowing the customer purchasing behavior.

Our approach allows us to analyze the conversion funnel and use the techniques to decrease the bounce rates while increasing user engagement and click-through. Our Conversion Path Optimization services include detailed testing plans, execution of the recommended changes and reports.


Some websites offer users access to reports, product and services trials and other goodies in return for their name, email and contact info. They also use some sort of lead generation techniques in return of something that the visitor might find valuable. We work to optimize the forms, the pate content, presentation and layout, and page rank. We make the user interaction as seamless and easy as possible and eliminate any frictional elements that are harmful to the user’s experience. For websites who are looking to build a brand name, we focus on getting as many visitors as possible to get the wide brand recognition which is crucial for a business’ success.


Evaluation of Product Listing Ads, Display Network Advertising, funnel report analysis and other industry standard tools, are the ways we optimize your E-Commerce business.

We strive to maintain user momentum throughout the entire conversion path. Whether it is homepages, shopping cart pages, or product pages, we work with you to formulate strategic recommendations allowing users to move effortlessly through the funnel and final conversion point.


Tracking the  on-page user behavior is taken to the next level with our User mapping tools. We analyze where users click, specific page elements users engage with, and how much time do they actually spend on a page. Our analysis and recommendations allow us to effectively pinpoint specific areas for growth and conversion lift.