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Offering the best Direct mail solutions for local businesses.
  • Immediate results
  • Full Color
  • Complete Turnkey
  • A Fraction of normal Solo Mail rates


Multiple Options
  • Targeted Stand-Alone Insert
  • Variable Print Postcard
  • Brand Builder Market Saturation
  • EveryDoor Direct Postcard
Free Targeting Profile Report

Let us provide you with a Free Targeting Profile, showing you how you can effectively and affordably reach your best prospects or customers!



Benefits of Direct Mail Programs:

  • Capture attention!
  • Reach and Engage your best prospects!
  • Drive Immediate Response!
  • Laser Targeted using hundreds of available variables
  • Cooperative mail programs allow you to share the cost of delivery postage with others
  • Because of the combined national volume of all our clients, we’ve been able to negotiate incredible rates which you can take advantage of.


Our Turnkey Services Include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Targeting Analysis
  • Printing
  • Distribution


We Offer Multiple Direct Mail Options To Meet Your Needs

Targeted Inserts

DentalDirectInsertDrive immediate results with one of our effective and affordable full color, demographically targeted direct mail inserts. Laser targeted using geographic, demographic and socio-economic variables and delivered via the nation’s largest cooperative direct mail programs, your ad will get into the hands of those consumers most likely to respond.

Our Direct Mail insert program allows you to get your message into the hands of your potential new customers while saving you money! You not only save on postage, which is the highest cost component of traditional direct mail, but you gain instant credibility in the market by having your message delivered alongside major retailers and local merchants in an engaging package that is delivered weekly through the U.S. mail. You get the benefit of solo mail, but at far lower cost!

Is it affordable? How about a 2-sided, glossy, full color 8″ x 10″ insert, designed, printed and mailed for less than 7.5¢ per household?

We’ll provide you with a customized mailing profile report, showing you which zip codes or sub-zip code clusters are your prime market. Our Direct Mail inserts have a low print minimum, you can choose the week for your ad to be delivered, are extremely affordable, but better yet – they drive immediate results!

Variable Data Cards

Variable Data Postcards utilize the latest in dental direct marketing technology! Reach your target audience with a message that is personalized to them.

What is this latest technology?

VDCVariable data printing give us the ability to deliver unique messages, offers and images to an targeted address based on a variety of data points, such as existing customers, household demographics and hundreds of more characteristics.

How does it work?
We develop a database of key data points based on your mailing strategy. As your postcards are printed, the computer matches the address with the variable data points and prints specific images, offers, name and other content for that particular household.

Example: Two houses next door to each other in a mailing profile for a local dentist can receive different ad versions. The first house, which has teenager children living there will receive a version of your ad with an offer for Invisalign Teen® products. The image and offer will be different than the house next door which is occupied by a married couple in their late 50’s. Their ad will have an image and offer for denture and implant services.

This powerful technology allows you to:

• Reactivate past customers with specific offers to get them back in
• Promote new / additional services to current customers
• Target services you offer to a specific demographic / sociographic group
• Do all this (printed and delivered) at a price less than a 1st Class stamp!

Brand Builder Market Saturation

Redplum ad Silva “It’s Like a Billboard in every Mailbox”

The perfect market saturation vehicle for local businesses, allowing you to get your message into the homes of your prospective customers for less than 2¢ per household!

Utilizing one of the most recognized and respected publications in the country, your business will be featured in a full page ad on either the outside cover or inside cover of the Red Plum Wrap.

Like all our other Direct Mail programs, this is a complete turnkey solution. The design, printing and distribution is all included at this incredibly low rate.

Is it effective? Consider that many of the nation’s largest and most respected companies utilize the RedPlum Wrap on a regular basis. Why? Because it works!

According to NFO World Group Research, 72% of all U.S. Households look at, and 39% make one or more purchases from this package EACH WEEK!

How Does It Work?

Understanding your Market

First, we need to understand your primary market. We’re pleased to offer you a complimentary direct mail profile analysis. This detailed report will show you the best areas for you to mail based on numerous geographic, demographic and sociographic variables. ($250 value). There is no risk, cost or obligation of any kind.

We’re happy to supply you with this valuable information, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have.

Simply give us a call at (559) 479-5000 and ask for your free direct mail profile. One of our talented team members will take your business and contact information. Once the report is completed, we’ll send it right over to you.

Reviewing the Options

Once we know where your best prospective customers are, we can determine the best vehicle option to carry your message to them.

We’ll give you multiple options, all of which will align to your overall marketing strategy.

Developing the Schedule

Once you’ve determined that you want to move forward, we’ll develop a mailing schedule based on your input and allocated budget. Deadline for artwork are normally a few weeks prior to the scheduled in-home date.

Creating the Design

Our talented graphic design team will create an effective design, built specifically to align with your business’s brand and to drive response. We have access to thousands of professional images and photographs, which are included at no additional charge. Of course, we’ll incorporate your logo, contact information, QR Codes and other information into the design.

Call Tracking?

We offer extremely affordable call tracking services, which can provide concrete evidence of the effectiveness of your Direct Mail programs. Ask us about this incredible option.

Call us to find out more information about our Direct Mail programs, to order your Free Market Analysis Report, or with questions regarding any of our other marketing solutions.
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