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Securing you a Positive Online Reputation!


Your Reputation Is Important!

You know how important online reviews are in today’s world.

Your business’s success is dependent on your reputation. Your reputation can quickly become tarnished online by one unsatisfied customer, a disgruntled employee, or your competition leaving false and negative reviews about your practice. Being proactive about building a good reputation online has become critical to your long-term success. But reputation management and getting customers to leave reviews is hard…Up until now.


Website_Logo_full_width_bluebackgroundIntroducing Review Genie – Online Review Submission Made Easy! Review Genie™ helps local businesses grow by making it easy to capture customer reviews, and from keeping negative reviews from being seen.
The Review Genie platform helps you proactively gather real reviews from real people. The result? Increased online rankings and more customers!

How It Works:

Review Genie helps you build your reputation with the following features:

  • Branded review platform for your company.
  • You can direct your customers here after doing business with you
  • Positive Review? Your customer is provided a list of the top online review sites. They pick their favorite, and the review site opens up directly in the Review Genie platform. If they don’t want to use the online sites, they can use the Easy-Review form. Their review will then be approved and posted on your Review Genie site.
  • Reviews on your Review Genie site, through the use of the Easy-Review form, are formatted to allow search engines to recognize them as customer reviews. They may be picked up and shown on sites such as Google+.
  • Negative Review? Your customer is directed to the Easy-Review form. This inhibits them from leaving a negative review on one of the online review sites – helping keep your reputation positive. You’re immediately notified of the negative review so that you can address the situation and can even reach out to the customer to see if you can win back their business.
  • Your Review Genie site is all yours. We do NOT have ads or competing company listings on your Review Genie site.
  • We provide you with custom designed materials to help you ask for a review. In addition, we develop a unique QR Code allowing customers to use your Review Genie site on their smartphone or tablet.
  • We’ll provide a link to be added to your website directing patients to your Review Genie page

What is Included?

We build out your Review Genie site to match your brand, including the color scheme and add your logo to the banner.
Your Review Genie page will be unique, and you will have a specific url to drive your customers to.

Visit the Overview page at to see the steps we take to build out your Review Genie site.

We add any written reviews you receive – specially coded so that search engines will recognize them as customer reviews.

We provide you with P.O.S material designs that you can use to help entice your customers to go to your Review Genie page and leave a review.

What About Negative Reviews?

While getting feedback about a negative experience is valuable to a business owner, you don’t want these to get out where others can see them.

This is a key benefit of the Review Genie program!

Our platform directs consumers that have a complaint directly to a review capture tool. When they leave their complaint, you are notified via e-mail. The complaint stays within our system.


Review Genie is available as a stand-alone program or as part of an integrated marketing package.

Call us to find out more information about our Reputation Management programs and other marketing solutions. 215-393-9787

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