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Increase in EDC development cost in last two years.
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Increase in UAT errors in last two years

How we solve the two biggest issues in EDC development. Cost and Quality.

CroydonGate Inc. was founded in Pennsylvania to address the issue of rising EDC development costs and the decrease in the quality of the deliverables. As per the industry publications, the EDC development costs were up by a staggering 38% from 2 years before, and the errors found during UAT were up by 43% during that same time.

We work with with CROs, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies, and update the EDC systems (Veeva® CDMS and Medidata RAVE®), at about 80% lower cost than what it usually takes - thus addressing the rising cost issue- while continuing to maintain the high quality of deliverables.

One of the goals of starting CroydonGate was to provide to the pharma and Biotech companies a cost effective way of conducting clinical trials. The pharma industry is always changing. As new therapies emerge and compounds are being developed - patents expire, protocols change, cohorts are added, visit schedule changes. All these changes mean the EDC has to change as well and change is one thing that is not good for any software. It invariably introduces errors, budget overruns and quality issues in the software amongst other challenges.

CroydonGate was created to address this issue. Our experts have years of industry experience and have conducted migrations for hundreds of studies. Our staff have conducted presentations at the Medidata AMUG Conferences. Our FSP services allow Pharma and Biotech companies to hire us to work on the EDC systems and modify them to conform to the protocol amendments and updated requirements. On average our process reduces the EDC development costs by upto 80%.