India SMO Services

Site Management Organization (SMO) partner in India.

Site Selection and Recruitment
Patient Recruitment and Retention
Quality Control and Monitoring
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Our extensive partner network in India is the right choice to conduct clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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Experienced Investigators with prior clinical trial experience, CTU staff, and DCGI approved Ethics Committee

2. Study Startup and Management

We provide support to investigative sites during the start-up phase of a trial, helping them to navigate the regulatory and administrative requirements of the study. We also provide ongoing management and support to sites throughout the trial, including assistance with data collection, monitoring, and reporting.

4. Quality Control and Monitoring

We are responsible for ensuring that investigative sites are complying with study protocols and regulatory requirements, and we conduct on-site monitoring visits to assess site performance and data quality.

1. Site Selection and Recruitment

We work with trial sponsors to identify and select appropriate investigative sites for a particular study, based on factors such as the site's experience with similar trials, patient population, and geographic location. We are also involved in recruiting and onboarding sites for the trial.

3. Patient Recruitment and Retention

We work with investigative sites to develop and implement strategies for patient recruitment and retention, which can be critical to the success of a clinical trial. This includes outreach to potential study participants, development of patient education materials, and support for patient engagement and retention throughout the trial.