Social Media Management

Whether you simply need help getting your social media pages built, or if you need professional management of your social media strategy, CroydonGate can help.

Can Social Media Help My Business?

Absolutely! When managed properly, social media can help you stand out from your competition and help you increase your client base. Your current and potential customers are on social media. Why not leverage this incredible platform to position your business as the industry leader? Let us help you get social today!

What are the Benefits of Social Media?

There are two main reasons why your business should be leveraging social media. #1 – Your current customers are on it. #2 – Your prospective customers are on it. Properly leveraging social media allows you to engage and interact with current customers – and as social media works, their friends (your potential customers) will also see it. Having engaging content on your social media sites allows you to be seen as the industry leader, and a business that is friendly and cares about its customers. Your potential customers will see this and be more likely to contact you.

Facebook Facts

By the end of 2013, it is estimated that an incredible 1.5 billion users will be on social media giant Facebook. Besides offering business pages for businesses, Facebook can also be leveraged to host interactive contests and offers a targeted online advertising program. Don’t have the time or expertise to manage your businesses Facebook Page? No worries! Our affordable social media management programs allow you to be heavily engaged without any of the headaches.

Leveraging YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, behind only Google? It is important for you to have a presence on YouTube. For your business, this could be anything from video testimonials from satisfied customers, to short informational videos regarding today’s cutting-edge products or services, to video of the latest referral program prize winner, to a 60-second professional branding video. Hosting your videos on your custom YouTube channel and then linking them to your website is a great SEO tactic. Call us today to find out how CroydenGate has helped other business professionals leverage this incredible platform to position themselves as the market leader. It’s more affordable than you might think.

What Do We Do?

Our social media experts will handle every aspect of your social media presence, from the initial setup of your Facebook page and custom YouTube channel, to regular posting and interaction with your online fans. Our content writers and graphic artists will ensure your social media profiles will reflect the high level of professionalism your business deserves while featuring engaging and unique content. We also offer full video production services, at rates that are hard to beat.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Platform Setup / Enhancement
    We build, or enhance your existing social media accounts & channels on the major social media platforms.
  • Post Creation
    We develop unique postings for your social media platforms on your behalf. Your current and potential customers see that you are actively social.
  • Fan Post Responses
    We provide timely responses to consumer posts on your social media pages, showing your customers that you care deeply about their thoughts and interaction with your business.
  • Content Posting & Networking
    We identify relevant articles, news and other posts and re-post them on your social media pages, helping position you as an industry leader and a source of valuable information.
  • Custom Profile / Branding Graphics
    We develop custom graphics for your social media pages to provide you with a professional, consistent branding of your business.
  • Custom Applications
    We implement and manage custom applications, including custom Facebook Apps that significantly enhance the consumer experience and help set you apart from the competition.
  • Promotion Management
    We setup and manage your online promotions, including Polls, Quizzes, Contests and Special Offers, which result in increased interaction and customer base growth.

Why Choose CroydonGate?

There are a good number of businesses that can help you get listed or help you with Google Pay-Per-Click programs.  So why should you choose CroydonGate?

We recognize what social media networks are out there and create a customizable social media program that fits best with your company.  In this digital age, it is no longer important for businesses to just have an account; it has become critical that businesses utilize social media to their personal advantage.  Effective use of social media promotes brands, engages customers online, and drives consumer traffic.

We Create / Enhance Social Media Pages or Channels

We create social media accounts from scratch, build pages with relevant content, and manage accounts to consistently promote your company. If you already have social media pages set up, no problem, make us an admin and we will take it from there.

We are Social Media "Junkies"

Our team members are up to date on the latest and greatest that the social media world has to offer. We spend most of our day on social media for our clients and most of our evenings on social media for ourselves. It can be addicting, trust us.

We Keep Our Finger on the Pulse of Social Media Interaction and Innovation

We have a team member that is dedicated to keeping informed of changes to current social media platforms. The other important part of their job is to research emerging social media platforms, apps, processes, and best business practices. This ensures that you always have the best strategy, processes, and platforms in place for your social media presence.

We Love Spreadsheets and Graphs

We use different tools to keep us informed on the interaction and success of your social media platforms. We use these tools and reports to fine tune your program to make sure you are getting the best results possible.

Facebook Promotions

Our Facebook promotions help you hold powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and more to grow your fans and amplify your marketing.

  • Sweepstakes – Collect entries and pick winners with the most popular social giveaway app
  • Coupons – Offer fan-only coupons with unique one per user custom coupon codes
  • Photo Contest – Hold photo contests that let fans submit photos and vote for their favorites
  • HTML Fangate – Have Facebook page tabs that show different content to fans and non-fans
  • Polls – Solicit feedback from your fans and let them vote and share in a poll
  • Pin to Win – Entrants pin to Pinterest for a chance to win
  • Video Contests – Accept video entries and let participants view and vote for their favorites
  • Instant Win – Set the odds of winning and give participants a chance to win a prize instantly
  • Tab for Twitter – Display your Tweets on your Facebook Business page
  • Instagram Tab – Display Instagram Photos and Videos in a gallery on your Facebook Business Page
  • Pinterest Tab – Display Pinterest boards and pins on your Facebook Business page
  • YouTube Tab – Display YouTube videos and channels on your Facebook Business page
  • Deals – Require payment via PayPal to access an offer
  • Group Deals – Offer coupons that are available only after a certain number of people request the coupon
  • Rewards – Offer rewards that can only be accessed by people that are on your guest list


Even though it is affordable for small businesses, our Facebook promotions platform is extremely robust and powerful.

  • Require Liking / Following – Require a user to be a Facebook fan, Twitter follower, or Pinterest follower to enter.
  • Reward Sharing with Friends – Give extra entries when they get their Facebook friends to enter and become a fan of your page.
  • Collect Email Addresses – Download all entry data including user email addresses. Leverage for future communications.
  • Custom Form Fields – Need to collect more than the user’s name and email address? We can add any fields you like and provide you the details in an export file.
  • Age Restriction – Require the entrant to be at least 13, 18 or 21 years of age before entering.
  • Custom Entry Forms – For a completely custom and professional look, we can create and style your own custom HTML fangate, entry and post-entry pages.
  • One Per Customer – Allow unlimited entries or only one entry per email address, Facebook account, or Twitter account.
  • Embed on your Website – We can embed your sweepstakes app into your Website, in addition to or instead of your Facebook page.
  • Mobile Compatible – Share sweepstakes links that automatically send desktop users to your Facebook page tab and mobile users to the mobile version.
  • Sweepstakes Tab for Facebook Pages – Users become fans, enter, and invite friends from your Facebook Timeline Page tab.
  • Customize – We can completely customize the look of your sweepstakes, down to every stage.
  • Satisfy Facebook’s Policies – We comply with all of Facebook’s promotion guidelines for sweepstakes.

Call us to find out more about these incredibly Facebook Promotion Programs, to get links to current, live examples, or to get your campaign started.

Blog Management

Establishing and maintaining a blog for your business can help drive an increase in new customers. Be seen as the “Industry Expert” in your primary market while providing relevant and educational material to your current and prospective customers. Don’t have the time or writing skill to maintain a blog? No worries. CroydoneGate can help.

Does My Business Need A Blog?

A blog is an effective and affordable way for you to position yourself, your team and your business as the industry experts, building a high level of trust within your market.
Your business’ blog is an effective and affordable way to provide valuable updates and information to complement your website. Blogs give you the ability to announce special events and special offers, post press releases while also providing an interactive forum to answer customer questions and encourage client feedback.
Your Blog can be linked to your social media pages, giving your current and prospective customers multiple ways to read and interact with your messages.
Blogs also give your business a better online presence. When a new blog post is created, the search engines take notice. By developing and maintaining a blog for your business, you can increase the amount of inbound links to your website. From an SEO perspective, this makes your website more authoritative, resulting in higher search engine rankings.

What are the Benefits of Having A Blog?

There are two key benefits for your dental business.

  1. Positioning your business as the industry expert helps attract new customers. You are perceived as knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  2. A blog is now regarded as the most effective customer engagement tool on the internet. It is also the most effective way for your business to rise to the top of the search engines. The easier it is for your prospective customers to find you online, and the more comprehensive your online presence is, the more likely they are to call YOU for an appointment.

Why Do I Need Blog Management Services?

Blog Management will allow you to get back to what really matters: your customers. A blog requires a lot of upkeep and a strong commitment to providing new posts on a regular basis. Being able to effectively write engaging content is hard enough, but when you also take into account the maintenance, linking, SEO and monitoring of comments, a blog is very time consuming.
CroydonGate offers complete blog management, allowing you to benefit from having a top-notch blog for your business without all the hassle.

Why Should I Choose CroydonGate?

CroydonGate will do more than post blogs on your behalf. When selected as part of your custom marketing package, we handle everything from the initial blog site development, including the hosting, to the content creation. In addition, we reply to any comments on your behalf. We have the experience and the skilled staff to make your business stand out from the competition.
Because of our extensive catalog of marketing solutions, our team is made up of talented people with a wide breadth of skills. We make sure your blog looks good, is full of compelling content, is updated regularly, and is optimized for SEO. Marketing is our passion and we are dedicated to helping your business reach its full potential.

Increase loyalty and generate more revenue from your existing customer base!

Position your business as the market’s informational gurus, while keeping your brand top of mind.

Including e-newsletter management into your marketing strategy ensures you connect with your current customers on a regular basis, resulting in more frequent visits, increased loyalty and additional revenue opportunities.

Our team does the work. Your business gets the rewards.


Your newsletter will provide your customers with insightful tips, as well as engaging industry specific articles and news about your business.

Hassle Free

Our team performs all the tough work. We only ask you to have someone review the content prior to it being published online. Of course if you have any particular topics or special offers you want to include, we’ll make it happen. After all, it is still your newsletter!


We’ll embed online newsletter sign-up forms in your website and social media sites, as well as providing means for signing up through a QR Code. If we’re managing your website, we’ll upload past editions of your newsletter into your site, allowing current and prospective customers a library of educational articles to browse through.

Cutting Edge

We utilize Constant Contact, one of the industry leaders in e-mail marketing. Constant Contact is a trusted platform, strictly following all of our privacy laws. Your newsletter subscribers will have additional trust in your business, knowing that you leverage the best software.


We provide you in-depth analytics on the effectiveness of each edition of your newsletter, including open rate, social sharing, forwarding to a friend and opt-outs. The Constant Contact subscription fee is included in our packages, so there are no hidden fees.

Personal Design

Your newsletter is customized for your business, including the design of the newsletter template. It will become an extension of and an enhancement to your overall brand.

Unique Content

Our team of talented copywriters will develop engaging and unique content for your newsletter, including relevant photos and graphics. Each edition will help you and your business become the market’s #1 source for authoritative information.


We offer both a monthly and quarterly e-newsletter program. You choose which option is best for your business, based on your current situation and marketing strategy.

Your Platform or Ours

Many of our clients have invested in integrated software that can be used for newsletter distribution. Whether you want to use your current program, or utilize Constant Contact through us, it’s completely your choice.

List Management

If you capture e-mail sign-ups manually, simply forward them to us and we’ll add them to your newsletter database.

Call us to find our more information about our newsletter programs and other marketing solutions.  215-393-9787

Social Media FAQs

Q? What Can You Do?

A. Our Social Media Management program allows you to gain an instant online social presence for a low monthly rate. We have been using social media since its inception and are professionals at creating awareness and demand for our customers online. We professionally optimize and manage your social media presence giving you instant credibility with your fans. Either starting from scratch or optimizing what you have already established, the end result creates a social media footprint that you and your fans can interact with and appreciate. We offer different levels of service so you can pick the program the best suites your needs.
Social Media Management by CroydonGate takes the worry and time investments off your plate so that you may focus your efforts on other important tasks. Our program works on your behalf to inform, engage, and entice your fans to interact with your company while using social media’s viral advantage of reaching new potential customers and turning them into fans.

Q? How Can Social Media Management Help My Business?

A. Social media has proven to help companies promote their products and services through interaction with their customers. Many of the nation’s largest companies are taking advantage of social media platforms all the while creating the buzz and importance of be social. Having a social media footprint allows your customers to interact with your business on a more social level. A social platform allows your company to present itself in a new light and keep your customers informed and engage on a consistent basis.

Q? Why Should I Choose CroydonGate to Manage My Social Media?

A. Most of us at CroydonGate have been with social media since the inception. We understand how it works, and how to take advantage of its benefits for companies like yours. The Social environment is growing rapidly so we are constantly evaluation new and evolving platforms to see how they can potentially help your business grow. We also are “in the know” when it comes to the frequent changes that many of the largest Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube make to their platforms. This allows us to react quickly to these changes and make sure your company is up to date and taking advantage of every possible opportunity.

Q? How Much Do Your Social Media Management Programs Cost?

A. Our Social Media Management programs are designed to be affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Simply give us a call to discuss.

Q? Is Social Media A Fad?

A. No, Social media is here to stay. Yes some platforms come and go, but the concept of social and instant interaction with your customers is invaluable and necessary to compete. Social media is another avenue to reach potential customers that has the benefits of viral “Free” marketing.

Q? How Often Would You Post on Facebook or Twitter?

A. This depends on the program you choose. The key is to have consistent interaction with your customers whether it is once a week or every day.

Q? What are the Most Important Platforms to be on for Social Media?

A. The big three are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Google Plus and LinkedIn fall into place after the big three. There are many platforms out there and our goal is to make sure you are on all the platforms that make sense for your type of business.

Q? How Can I Get A Social Media Campaign Started?

A. It’s as simple as giving us a call. Our sales team will gladly walk you through the process.

Q? What if I have Questions About My Social Media Program?

A. We have a customer support team that is available to answer your calls. During our off hours feel free to send us an email and we will respond to you the next business day.

Q? Can You Guarantee A Certain Amount of Interaction on My Social Media Pages?

A. No one can guarantee a certain amount of interaction, but we will do everything in our power to create engaging and relevant material to keep your fans coming back for more. To take full advantage of social media we will need your help. To make social media really effective you must promote it. There are many ways to do so such as adding a link to your social media pages on you website or creating in-store signs to for awareness. Fortunately for you we are experts at promoting social media as well so feel free to contact one of our sales staff to see how.

Q? Should I Incorporate Other Forms of Media to Help Promote My Social Media Programs?

A. Promoting your social media is very important to its success. Adding links to your website is a great idea. It allows visitors to click on say a Facebook icon that will take to them to your Facebook Page. Many of the other social media’s have similar types of interactive icons. Using POS materials is another great way to promote your social media. Make sure the information is easy to read and understand and is located in a highly visible spot. If you advertise, this is another great place to promote your social media.

Q? How Do You Represent My Company on Social Media without Being in the Trenches with Us On A Daily Basis?

A. This does require some input from you. Initially upon set-up we have a form that you will fill out providing us valuable information about your company. Depending on the program you select and what type of social media you are engaging in we may from time to time need supporting information from you. We take guidance from you on the type of tone you want to set and go from there.

Social Media Videos